Anthony Huff

An aspiring front-end developer with an expanding knowledge of back-end skills

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As a New Media Interactive Development student, I am versed in a multitude of front end development skills with knowledge of backend development. To know more about my specific skills please feel free to look below.

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I have completed a multitude of projects using HTML and CSS some of which you can see below.

JavaScript, JQuery, JSON

I have been versed in a multitude of JavaScript libraries and frameworks.


I have completed several projects concerning C#, such as Unity made games and console based applications.


I have used PHP multiple times when working with server side projects some of which are below.


I have exposure to MySQL database enviroments.

Steam VR

Worked with Steam VR and a HTC Vive for 15 weeks for my senior team project: The Econeer.

Design Skills

I've been educated in design skills/concepts including: Photoshop, Illustrator and various UI/UX fundamentals.

3D Modeling - Maya

Exposure to 3D modeling via Maya with several projects.

My Projects

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